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What Are the Costs Involved?

There are fees required for filing the case. Ask the law firm up front what the costs are. Law firms all approach this different ways. Be sure you know up front what will happen.We may pay for medical records, or purchase a medical exam. Hiring an attorney will add value.

Appealing a Disability Claim

How does an attorney work through the disability system for you? When you’ve been denied your disabilities it can be scary. The appelate process is complex. There are tight deadlines. You typically have 60 days to appeal. There’s a 67% rejection rate at this level. The first appeal is called reconsideration.

What Does a Real Licensed Attorney Do?

We file your paperwork, and go to court. Many attorneys have a diverse practice all we handle is disability cases. We have an office in Louisville Kentucky and we’d be happy to hear your story.

How Long Will I Receive Benefits?

You may not know that once you get your disability benefits this could affect your benefits continuing. Be sure that if something has changed or you’ve improved. Also pay attention to your mail. If you need more help please contact us.

The Difference Between Social Security Advocate and a Licensed Attorney

What are social security advocates? You want to make the best decision about who to hire. An attorney needs to pass a state bar exam after earning a Juris Doctor degree. Attorneys bound by professional conduct rules and more. A non attorney advocate does not and they’re entitled to the same fee.

Inflating Job Duties can Ruin Your Benefits

When you apply for disability benefits you can help your odds by supplying plain facts. This is not a job application. You need to be brutally honest about what you did at work. This can help you win your case. Be accurate and be honest. You should be specific about the physical demands.

Why You Should Appeal Right Away if Denied

SSI and SSDI claim denials are common and they don’t always happen for the right reasons. Once your claim is denied you only have 60 days to appeal the decision. There is also a 5 day grace period for mailing. If you do not appeal on time you usually have to start over.

How Long is the Wait to See A Judge? What to Expect

How Long Do You Wait? You may be wondering after all the paperwork is done, how long it takes to sit you down in front of the judge and have your hearing. In Louisville, Kentucky it averages about 15 months.

Communication: During the wait time, if you have any significant health changes please let us know.

Who Wins Disability Benefits and Why

Anyone can end up needing help getting disability.  You are not alone. This is why the system was invented. Hang in there. Contact us anytime if you need help getting through this complex system.

How to Deal With a Social Security Denial

If you need to apply for social security benefits, you must be going through a terrible time in life.  Often, the claims turn into denials and that can make things even more frustrating.  A denial doesn’t mean the end.  You can appeal and hiring an experienced social security lawyer who will work with you and help you through the next steps can take the stress off your back and help you get the benefits you need.   Call us today.

How to Navigate Through Your Social Security Disability Claims

Applying and being denied your social security disability claims can be devastating and can cause huge setbacks in your life.  You are depending on those benefits to live and navigating through all the technicalities of social security law can be confusing.  Hiring an experienced social security lawyer who knows the law and process can help tremendously, by giving you piece of mind and by doing the heavy lifting for you.  Call the law offices of Michael Sullivan today.

Do You Need Social Security Help?

Not being able to work can cause a huge strain on your life. When filing for social security, it can be frustrating and difficult to navigate through alone and can often lead to a denial. Asking for social security help when your claims have been denied increases your chances at winning.  Calling the law offices of Michael Sullivan today can be the first step to taking that strain out of your life and moving towards a successful outcome.  Call today.

How to Answer the Questions About Your Social Security Claims

If you are in need of social security disability benefits, the easy part is filing your claim.  The hard part is what comes next.  Do you know how to fill out the paperwork properly?  Do you know what kind of questions you’ll be asked by the judge at a hearing?   The answer is clear, hire an experienced attorney who can help guide you through the process.  Call us today.

Why is Experience Important When Hiring a Social Security Attorney?

Having to go in front of a judge by yourself or with an inexperienced attorney can be devastating to your case.  You need someone who knows the social security laws, who fights for social security benefits on a regular basis and only wants to help you get what you deserve, a fair and successful outcome.  We are that law firm.  Call us today.

How to Fight For Your Social Security Benefits

Being denied your social security benefits can cause anger, stress and even depression.  By hiring an experienced social security disability law firm to stand by your side, you are taking those emotions out of the equation and replacing them with hope, strength and justice.  Call us today for a free consultation.

Why Should You Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

A work or other type of medical injury that causes terrible pain can be very depressing.  Just getting out of bed can be difficult and maybe just as difficult as getting your social security benefits approved.  Calling the right law firm who only specializes in social security law should be your next step.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you.  Call us today.

Why it is Difficult to Handle Social Security Disability Hearings on Your Own

Being in front of a judge or by yourself can be terrifying and intimidating.  You probably have an air tight case and think to yourself, “I don’t need a lawyer.”  However, your testimony can ruin a perfectly good case because you may not be prepared for the questions you are about to be asked.  Hire an experienced lawyer to help you prepare and guide you to a successful outcome.  Don’t let a good case go bad.  Call us today.

How a Social Security Lawyer Can Help You

If you are in need of applying for social security benefits, that might mean that life isn’t going how you had planned it.  Social security claims often end with a denial, so it is important to hire an experienced social security lawyer to help you prepare and guide you to the results that you need.  Get back on that right path and call us today.

Why is Social Security Law Hard to Navigate?

When filing for social security, not knowing security law can make it even more difficult and frustrating. Even the simple little things like what your medical doctor writes in your chart can effect the outcome of getting your social security benefits. Knowing what to expect when going to a social security hearing is crucial when you are trying to get social security disability. Thats why hiring an experienced social security lawyer can help you fight for your benefits.  Call us today.

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