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Sullivan Law Office works to protect your future, and we have passionately represented disability clients like you for 25+ years with the dedicated excellence that has given many of you the compensation they need. Because disability is all we do, our disability attorneys have a very deep understanding of ERISA law, Social Security Disability claims and procedures, as well as a vast pool of legal experience, from which we can draw all of the information we need to fight for you.

Michael Sullivan started Sullivan Law Office in honor of his father, who had been a disability attorney for 20 years before him, equally dedicated to the clients he served. Michael is passionate about carrying on the tradition of being a Social Security attorney who is personal, honest and understanding. Everything he does is aimed at becoming the disability lawyer you can count on.

However, what sets us apart is our personal touch, our ability to relate to you, to really listen to you, understanding your situation and your medical challenges, not just on a factual level, but on an empathetic level. We are honest with you about the merits of your case, dedicated to finding medical records that support your case and passionate about helping you understand what we do. We meet with you before your case is heard in court, so that we can prepare your you.

If you’ve been denied your disability benefits, or need help applying having a licensed attorney by your side can make all the difference. Get your questions answered.



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