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Work Incentives And Disability

A primary purpose of Social Security is to provide financial assistance to the disabled. Another purpose is to help people with disabilities achieve financial independence by giving them the opportunity to work and avail themselves of employment opportunities. Work incentive employment supports disabled and blind SSI beneficiaries in the pursuit and performance of work by minimizing

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How A Decision On Disability Is Made

After the Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews an application to ensure that certain basic minimum requirements for disability benefits are met, it determines if an applicant worked enough years to qualify for benefits while evaluating any current work activities. If all of the aforementioned requirements are met, the application is processed and the case is

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Children & SSI: How Does The SSI Disability Program Work For A Child?

Finding out that a child is disabled is often the most shattering moment of a parent’s life. Living with a disabled child may have a significant impact on an entire family affecting all aspects of a family's routines and daily functioning. The experience may strengthen family members' individually while making the family unit more cohesive.

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