If you are a state or county employee (this includes working for a school division or a political subdivision),  you are covered under the Kentucky Retirement Systems and you have a medical condition which prevents you from doing your job effectively, then you may qualify for disability benefits from the Kentucky Retirement System (KRS).

Our disability attorneys in Louisville will always do their best to understand your condition(s), your medical expenses, your specific job and your overall situation. We do this so that we can better serve you in these cases. The Kentucky Retirement System actively defends these claims with very good in-house attorneys. Beware, the System denies many disability claims due to medical conditions that arguably pre-existed your covered employment. Sometimes, even if the condition was not formally diagnosed before becoming a member, it is still considered to be a pre-existing condition. There can be exceptions to this pre-existing condition rule, and it is always important to talk to a qualified and experienced disability lawyer so that you know you are getting the support you need.

Consider this, if your condition was materially aggravated by a work-related injury, the pre-existing condition rule may not apply. What if you had a dormant condition and were asymptomatic for years until after you began your covered work? These cases are complex. We highly recommend that you never take on a disability case alone, especially when you are going up against a government entity. This is because they have a team of some of the highest qualified lawyers in the state, as well as an endless well of resources. You want a disability attorney in your corner who has the experience, passion and dedication to you that it takes to put up a good fight. If you have been denied for KRS disability benefits, you don’t have to give up. Let our lawyers look at the facts and stand by your side as we appeal your case. Not even a “non-permanent condition” label from the medical board is always a dead end, and we’ll show you why. Contact us today!

NOTE: Sometimes we charge a retainer to accept employment in these particular cases, sometimes we do these solely on a contingent fee, and sometimes it is a hybrid contract. It really depends on the facts of your case. A consultation is always FREE, and any contract of employment will be very clear. All fees and charges will be explained in advance.