Whether you are about to file for the first time, have been unfairly denied disability or you are preparing for a hearing, trying to fight for Social Security benefits by yourself can be intimidating at the very least. With Sullivan Law Office on your side, you can rest easy knowing that our Social Security attorneys in Louisville will do what it takes to give your case its fighting chance.

Social Security Appeals

If you’ve been denied for Social Security benefits, especially if your rejection letter seems generic, then it may not be your last chance. We understand the frustration involved in this denial, as well as the pain you may be experiencing and the hopelessness you may feel. Because the Social Security Disability system is so complex, with different rules and regulations behind every corner, thousands of people are denied for reasons that don’t make sense, or worse don’t seem to even pertain to their specific medical conditions. Our Social Security Disability attorney’s job, at Sullivan Law Office, is to decipher the facts, to really understand not only you and your situation but more importantly, your medical conditions. We do this so that we can appeal your case with the specific facts that matter to you.

When a simple note from your doctor just isn’t enough, or when the fact that your doctor states you are “disabled” just won’t cut it, you need a lawyer on your side who understands what the SSA requires from you (and your doctors) so you can secure the benefits you deserve. We can provide the legal talent and skills to maximize your chances of a successful award. With decades of experience and our passion for helping people just like you, we bring a unique understanding to your case, with an honest, open approach to disability claims. We know you need benefits and we will fight hard for you to get them.

Social Security Hearings

Once again, because the SSA has a vast quantity of rules and regulations, it’s imperative for your case that you hire a licensed lawyer (be sure to ask if your representative is really a lawyer!) who understands the rules and has the experience you need on your side. At Sullivan Law Office, everything we do is directed toward fighting for you. We work to understand your unique medical impairments. We want to make sure that you have a licensed lawyer on your side who is understanding, honest and experienced.

We will meet with you before your hearing so that we can help you understand what to expect in court, to explain how we will specifically help you and to go over the facts and the rules so that you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. Hearings can be stressful, and we want to take away some of the anxiety. With custom produced instructional videos and the information you need, we’re able to help you fight for your case every step of the way by:

  • Helping you understand your own medical records
  • Helping you understand what we need to prove to win
  • Analyzing your file
  • Preparing your case for a hearing
  • Finding relevant medical records and other evidence
  • Helping you prepare your testimony
  • Questioning and cross-examining any witnesses or experts
  • Filing your appeals if needed
  • Working with our special software to track your case

Contact us today to retain a Social Security disability attorney who is on your side. Consultations are always FREE.