If you do not have much emergency cash on reserve, it is easy to see why short term disability insurance can be vital to your financial well-being and survival.

Short-term disability coverage options usually last from 3-6 months up to about a year, and policy benefits generally begin almost immediately (or with a minor waiting period). Your own policy should be very clear about the benefit period. Short Term benefits generally pay a generous percentage of the salary for the disabled worker—all reasons why you should act quickly so that you can get the most from your benefits. Whether you are healing from an injury or just need short-term disability to help cover routine bills, our short term disability lawyer can help you file your claim (or appeal it) so that you can get financial relief.

Remember with illness or injury, you may need time off to receive medical treatment. The Short Term policy is supposed to be a vital safety net. Yet far too often, these claims are denied or benefits are stopped mid-stream. Consider this, many Short Term claims have benefits terminated just a few weeks short of the maximum payout. The carrier suddenly finds that you are somehow healed and able to work. Then, you find that your Long Term claim is denied for failure to exhaust Short Term benefits. Sound incestuous? Want to make it worse? Ask if the Short Term and Long Term carriers are really the same insurance company!

  • Taking time off to receive medical treatment
  • Taking time off for physical therapy or learning how to take care of your injuries
  • Compensation from 50% to 100% of your salary

Having a disability attorney in Louisville by your side to fight for these benefits can allow you to avoid the stresses associated with disability, both mentally and financially, because you will have the peace of mind knowing that someone is fighting for the benefits you deserve.

At Sullivan Law Office, we’ll help you:

  • File a claim
  • Learn more about the benefits of your policy
  • Understand ERISA law and what it means to you
  • Obtain the medical evidence your case needs
  • Appeal your case if it is denied
  • And more

We are passionate about our clients, and our personal, understanding approach combined with our knowledge and experience will show you that we are fighting for you, every step of the way. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you!