Having Long term disability insurance is supposed to give you piece of mind. However, many insurance carriers elevate profits above people. What was once a safety net now becomes a source of pain. Many insurance carriers deny valid disability claims or just suddenly terminate insured benefits. For most people, this long term disability insurance (or short term disability) is a very basic benefit of employment, yet it can suddenly seem to make life incredibly difficult.

  • Ever been followed by a private investigator?
  • Ever had a carrier have THEIR doctor call your doctor
  • Ever have a PI visit your house for a personal interview?
  • Ever have the carrier insist that you file for Social Security Disability, and when you win, demand THEIR money back?
  • Did the carrier insist you use THEIR own representative to handle the SSA case? Do you think they can control who YOU want as your licensed lawyer? Who really has your best interests in mind here?
  • Are some of your other “employment benefits” magically contingent on you obtaining an award for Long Term Disability? What happens if the LTD carrier terminates your benefits down the road (are you really magically healed and suddenly able to work)?

It does happen, just don’t let it happen to you. Get an experienced Long Term Disability attorney in Louisville. Insurance Carriers use good lawyers, shouldn’t you? When you are permanently disabled, your life changes. From frequent and consistent medical bills to the pain that you have to endure for years to come, we have seen all this and more. Having a long-term disability lawyer by your side who is ready to fight for your rights can make all the difference, and that’s exactly what we provide at Sullivan Law Office. For 23 years, we have helped countless people from over Kentucky and Indiana win or regain their Long Term Disability insurance benefits. With our level of experience, we understand what it takes to work with your insurance’s rules and regulations so that your case has a fighting chance.

Filing For The First Time

If you are employed, it is important to go to your human resources department to find out if you are covered for long-term disability benefits. Many businesses offer this coverage and it may save you money and frustration down the line.

If you have bought your own policy of disability insurance, then you may not even have to be subject to the normal ERISA laws that regulate employer sponsored long-term disability insurance. This is actually a major benefit. ERISA laws are very harsh and tend to favor insurance carriers. Do not navigate an ERISA case alone. Get experienced legal talent on your side.

If you are unemployed or your employer doesn’t cover long-term disability, then you may still be covered under government programs. At least ask and find out!

Learn more about your case, your coverage and how we can help fight for what you deserve.

Appealing Your Case

Often times, good disability cases are rejected before they have a fair chance at success. Why? Consider maybe that the insurance carrier is not only saying “yes or no” as to whether you are disabled, but in most cases, they are the ones PAYING the claim. Sound fishy? Yes, there are some inherent conflicts in this ERISA system. Maybe all your medical proof just did not make it into their file? Maybe somehow your medical proof was found lacking? Maybe your job description that the carrier used was different from what you really did at work? Maybe there was some intricate appellate language in the policy and you missed it. That’s where we come in. With a profound understanding of long-term disability laws, regulations and procedures, we understand what it takes to appeal your case, and we will give you greater odds of success.

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