The difference is in the personal attention you receive.

When you are hiring a local law firm, you are hiring a law firm that will fight for you on an individual level; meeting with you in person, discussing your case with you and really understanding your situation. You are also getting someone who intimately understands the local Administrative Law Judges, the Kentucky and Southern Indiana court systems and the law. At Sullivan Law Office, we have been working locally in Kentucky for 23 years. When you work with one of our disability lawyers, you can rest assured that you are in experienced, professional and caring hands. Also, you can actually visit the law office.

On the other hand, hiring a national advocate often can mean that most of your communication will be over the phone or even by mail, making the entire process less personalized and more prone to misunderstanding. In addition, when your case goes to court, your advocate will very often not meet you until the day of the hearing, meaning that you are walking into the courtroom somewhat “blind” and unsure about what will happen. Many national advocacy firms literally subcontract out to some representative closer to your area. Because the advocate is from a national firm or somehow hired by a national firm, there is a good chance that your advocate won’t even know the local ALJ. Knowing an ALJ and what he or she usually wants, makes it much easier to emphasize the right facts, all in an effort to pave the way for your case to conclude with a positive result.

Why settle for a national firm with contracted employees? When it comes to your disability case, you are more likely to be comfortable with a local, licensed disability attorney who understands the area and the court structure, and who will get to know you before your hearing so that we can fight for you best.

Contact us today to learn more about national firms and see why our Social Security attorneys at Sullivan Law Office are so passionate about the clients they serve. Don’t wait, schedule your consultation today!

Note: We receive referrals from all over Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. We strive to meet everyone’s expectations. While we prefer in-person meetings, if a client prefers to begin the legal representation by phone or email, we will accommodate that client. We work very hard to reach your comfort zone.