When should you hire a long-term disability attorney? 

If you had a chance to read our latest blog, then you already know how hiring a long-term disability attorney in Louisville can help you have the greatest chance for success. Knowing that it is important to hire an LTD attorney is one thing, but do you know when you should hire an attorney? The first thing you should note is that the earlier you hire an attorney, the better. Many claimants will wait until after their claim has been denied to talk to an attorney, but if you want to save yourself a headache, hire an LTD lawyer as soon as possible after you become unable to work.

How do you know that you’ve found the right LTD attorney?

Unfortunately, not all LTD attorneys are made equal. While some will fight for you until the bitter end, others will give up early or allow you to unknowingly make mistakes that could hurt your case. In order to find the right attorney for the job, you should always look for experience. Like we’ve stated time and time again, the application process for LTD is a complicated one, and a single mistake could end up costing you your benefits. If your lawyer doesn’t have a lot of experience with LTD, they simply won’t be able to guide you through the process as effectively.

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