What is a consultative examination?

Most of the time, claimants are able to provide sufficient medical evidence from their doctor, which is the “treating source.” However, in some cases, the evidence that was provided by the claimant’s treating source is insufficient. In situations like these, there are generally two options: the treating source is contacted again for more information or necessary clarifications, or a consultative examination is arranged. Although the claimant’s treating source is usually the preferred choice for consultative examinations, in some cases, an independent source is called.

Here are a few reasons why an independent source might be used for a consultative examination:

  • The treating source would prefer not to give the examination.
  • The treating source doesn’t have access to the equipment necessary for proving the specific data that is necessary for the case.
  • The inconsistencies and conflicts that exist in the file cannot be resolved by clarifying with the treating source.
  • The claimant would prefer to be examined by a different source. It is important to note that there has to be a good reason for this.
  • Experience has shown that the treating source is not considered to be a productive source.

When applying for disability, medical evidence is a must for getting the approval you need, and luckily, if your doctor, or the treating source, is not able to provide you with sufficient evidence, there is another option available. Do you have any questions or concerns about consultative examinations? If so, contact our disability attorney in Louisville to schedule your free consultation.