Do you have a Social Security Disability hearing coming up?

If so, it is completely natural to feel a bit anxious about your upcoming hearing. After all, if you have never been through this kind of hearing before, how can you know what to expect? Luckily for you, you have Sullivan Law Office on your side, and our Social Security attorney is not only hear to help you to get your benefits, we also want to help you to feel calm and comfortable during the entire process!

What should you expect at your Social Security Disability hearing?

In general, SSD hearings are fairly casual, and yours may not even take place in an actual courtroom, although it will be held in front of a judge. Also present at your SSD hearing will be you, your SSD lawyer, your witness (if you’ve brought one), a court reporter and any medical or vocational experts requested by the judge. SSD hearings are usually very short, so it is incredibly important for you to be on time. If possible, arrive early so that you have time to get yourself situated before your hearing. After you’ve been sworn in, the judge may ask you a series of questions about your work history, medical conditions, background, daily activities, etc. If the judge does not ask you any questions by the end of your hearing, you can ask to speak about the limitations that are keeping you from your work.

Once you understand what happens in a SSD hearing, you can calm your nerves and start preparing yourself. If you don’t have a Social Security Disability lawyer yet, contact us today!