Your Social Security Disability application has been denied, now what?

The good news is that not all hope is lost. Just because your application has been denied, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the line. The following is a list of steps that you should take after your SSD application has been denied:

#1. Hire a Social Security attorney.

If you are planning to fight your denial, you need a Social Security attorney in Louisville that can stand by your side throughout your appeal. There are a plethora of regulations, rules and hurdles that you will need to overcome throughout your process, and you need an attorney who understands all of the ins and outs of disability law to guide you through it all.

#2. Find out why your application was denied.

There are lots of reasons why SSD applications are denied, and luckily, some of them can even be corrected. Once you know why your application was denied in the first place, you will know for sure if the denial can be appealed.

#3. Appeal your denial!

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of denied claims aren’t appealed, but they should be. Appealing gives you the best chance for winning your rightful SSD benefits, but you must act fact. There is a sixty-day time limit on appeals, and if you don’t appeal within that timeframe, you will have to go back and start over with your SSD application.

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