The decision to apply for long-term disability benefits isn’t always an easy one. 

People that have disabilities that don’t require them to immediately apply for long-term disability have a big decision to make. Just because you can’t physically do your work still, doesn’t mean that it is easy to admit that you can’t work anymore. After you have made the difficult decision to apply for long-term disability, there are many things that you will have to get in order to make the application process easier. The following is a list from our long-term disability attorney in Louisville of the main things you should consider before applying for long-term disability benefits:

#1. Determine the date you will go on disability.

Even with a disability, you may have been able to struggle through your duties at work, and the day you decide to finally throw in the towel because you just can’t physically handle it anymore is the day you go on disability. However, what you can physically handle is just a part of determining the date that you go on disability, you should also consider your policy.

#2. Talk to your doctor.

In order for your long-term disability application to be successful, your doctor has to agree that you are, in fact, disabled. Not only should your doctor agree that you are disabled, but he or she should also keep detailed medical records about your symptoms. Having detailed medical records will only help you for throughout the application process.

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