It is always a good idea to prepare yourself for your Social Security Disability hearing, but even the most well-prepared applicants can still be denied. That is because there are several mistakes that you could make during your hearing that could end up hurting your case. If you haven’t already, check out our last blog to learn about the first couple of mistakes that our Social Security attorney in Louisville has already covered. The following is a list of the last couple of mistakes you should avoid during your SSD hearing:

#3. Being too vague.

The judge is likely to ask you a series of specific questions about all kinds of things, including your work history, your symptoms, your limitations, etc., and it is important to note that they are asking specific questions because they want specific answers. If the judge asks you to describe your symptoms, you shouldn’t say, “it really hurts.” Try to be more specific and actually describe your symptoms in detail.

#4. Not having adequate representation.

Out of all of the possible mistakes applicants make, attempting to complete the process without adequate representation is probably the biggest. The bottom line is that Social Security Disability is complicated. Navigating through all of the ins and outs of SSD isn’t for the faint at heart, and your best hope for results lies in hiring an experienced Social Security attorney.

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