In a perfect world, everyone with long term disability insurance would be able to claim their benefits without a problem when they become disabled, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. In order to claim your benefits, you must meet several requirements. In our last blog, our long term disability attorney in Louisville went over the first and most important requirement you will need to meet, which is proving your disability. Proving that you are disabled is just one of the many requirements you will have to meet, keep reading to learn about more of them:

#2. Full-time employment.

If you are on an LTD policy sponsored by your employer, you are likely to find that you need to be a full-time employee when you become disabled to qualify for benefits. Generally, “full-time” means at least thirty hours a week, but it is always a good idea to reference your specific policy.

#3. Elimination period.

The elimination period is the time between when you become disabled and when you start receiving your LTD benefits, and it is found in most policies. During the elimination period, you will have to use up all of your other resources, like vacation time, sick time and short term disability, before you are able to receive your LTD benefits.

#4. Conditions that are excluded.

Before you take the time to file an LTD claim, make sure that your injury or illness is covered by your policy. You may find that your policy excludes some workplace accidents and diseases, and some policies contain time limitations on disabilities due to mental conditions, drug abuse or alcohol abuse.

We’ve gone over the basic requirements to file an LTD claim, and if you would like to learn more detailed information, please contact our long term disability lawyer online today!