Applicants for social security disability benefits may find themselves directed to undergo a Consultative Examination (CE) at some point in time during the application process. This is just another example of why applicants for benefits need a disability attorney: To ensure that you have the best chance of successfully filing a disability application.

Consultative Examinations (CE) often occur in the situation where: (1) a claimant’s medical records present little or no evidence of a disability; (2)  or where a claimant has not been seen by a doctor for a lengthy amount of time.  Sometimes the SSA will want someone trained in disability evaluation to confirm an eye exam or a independently perform pulmonary test.  Further, some applicants who are denied initially or at Reconsideration are sometimes required to attend a CE.  In some cases, an ALJ will request such an exam.  Each case is different.

The doctors who perform CEs are independent physicians under contract to perform these services for the SSA (or the State Agency).  CEs are not intended to deliver medical treatment nor do they give medical advice. Rather, their purpose is to provide a recent snapshot of a claimant’s conditions and in some cases, the limitations. Nothing more. Nothing less.

First and foremost, do not under any circumstance miss a Consultative Examination. If you do, and there is no good cause, you risk that your application for benefits to be denied. Always try to re-schedule a missed appointment if you are unable to attend. Don’t wait for the SSA to reschedule an appointment as it is not obligated to do so. More importantly, make sure you have a valid reason for failing to keep the appointment. Document it. Without a legitimate reason, your application will probably be denied. If your matter should eventually require appeals and even a hearing, the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) will probably want to know the reason for missing the Consultative Examination.   I have had unpleasant hearings where the sole purposes was to determine why the claimant failed to keep an exam ordered by the ALJ.

Working with an attorney that is experienced in Social Security Disability cases ensures that you have an enhanced chance of initially filing a successful disability application. Contact Sullivan Law Office today. We offer free consultations, so you have absolutely nothing to lose! We look forward to hearing from you. Call 888-587-0228 or visit us online.What Is A Consultative Examination (CE)?