A lack of general knowledge about Social Security disability (SSD) is a common mistake applicants make when applying for benefits. 

Although millions of people get SSD benefits, the average American doesn’t truly understand the program. That’s why, in our last blog, our Social Security attorney in Louisville went over a couple of basic things that everyone should know about SSD. Keep reading to learn about the last couple of things everyone should know about SSD:

#3. How much money you will get. 

The benefits you receive will depend on your work history, just like Social Security retirement benefits. However, unlike regular Social Security, which assumes that you have a 35-year work history, disability benefits are calculated using your work record to date. In addition to your SSD benefits, your spouse or your children may also be eligible to receive benefits.

#4. How SSD benefits can affect your retirement benefits. 

Many people are afraid that receiving SSD benefits will lower their retirement benefits because of their shorter work history or cause them to lose their retirement benefits altogether. The good news is that SSD was designed to account for these issues. If you are on SSD benefits when you reach full retirement age, Social Security will ignore the normal work history rules and simply keep paying you the same payments you received under SSD. Most people do not have to worry about losing their retirement benefits due to disability.

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