These are unprecedented times. All of us are affected by the outbreak of this virus in some way. But it has to be particularly on you, who are already challenged.

What is the court’s approach to Covid-19 Coronavirus?

This article is an overview from what we’ve heard about how the court is dealing with Covid-19. Your case could be different as this crisis unfolds, but this is some of what we know today. There is no telling how the virus has affected the court’s personnel and support staff.

In short, this is new territory at Sullivan Law too. Right now, we have a “wait and see” approach, but we’re continuing to work as usual. Our offices are closed to the public, but we’re still working on our cases as always.

Civil and Criminal Trials Extended

The United States District Court Western District of Kentucky has responded with the continuation of all civil and criminal trials. What “extended” generally means in this context, is that they are postponed through May 1, 2020.

Criminal Hearings Continued

All current hearing scheduled in criminal cases through May 1, 2020 are “continued” which also means postponed in this case.

Initial Appearances on Indictments and Complaints, Pre-trial, Supervised Release or Probation Proceed As Usual

Initial appearances on indictments and complaints, as we ll as alleged violations of pretrial or supervised release or probation, and detention hearings wi ll proceed as usual. These will utilize remote attendance to the full extent they can. However, appearances in any such matters ordered by summons will be continued (postponed) to a date after May 1, 2020.

Restraining Orders and Emergency Matters

Each assigned judge will have the discretion to proceed with the hearing at a the scheduled time or by telephone, video conference or other means that do not require you going to the courthouse.

Final Thoughts – Your Case

In short, most of what we do must be by phone and/or video conferencing right now. We all need to take the “shelter in place” very seriously in order to preserve life.

As always, if you need social security disability, call us or reach out by email anytime, our number is: (502) 587-0228.