Applying for Social Security Disability when you have depression can be a complicated thing.

Proving your disability is difficult enough as it is, but proving disability for psychological disorders, like depression, can sometimes feel downright impossible. In our last blog, our social security attorney in Louisville talked about some of the requirements from the SSA that you will have to meet before you will get approved for SSD. Unfortunately, proving your symptoms is just one step of the process that you will have to complete.

It isn’t enough to prove your symptoms, you also have to prove that your symptoms result in at least two of the following:

  • A marked impairment in your ability to interact and communicate with friends, family members and strangers.
  • A marked impairment in carrying out your day to day activities, like paying your bills, running errands, etc.
  • A marked impairment in maintaining persistence, concentration and pace to complete daily tasks in a work environment.
  • Repeated (occurring a minimum of three times within a twelve-month period and lasting a minimum of two weeks) decompensation episodes, which are times when your symptoms are so severe that they result in a loss of adaptive functioning.

In general, if your symptoms can be controlled by therapy or medication, they aren’t considered to be marked, but under certain circumstances, you still may be found disabled.

You could still be considered disabled if your chronic symptoms have lasted for a minimum of two years and one of the following applies to your situation:

  • Even the slightest of changes could cause you to decompensate.
  • Your symptoms can only be controlled when you are living in a highly supportive environment.

If you are suffering from depression and you are thinking about applying for SSD, contact us today!