When you are suffering from an injury or illness that renders you unable to work, the last thing you probably want to do is contact your long-term disability carrier. 

Long-term disability insurance companies have a bad reputation for denying claims that were well-supported for a variety of reasons, and this leaves many people with disabilities frustrated. Unfortunately, if you want to get your benefits, you have no choice but to deal with your long-term disability carrier, but luckily, our long-term disability (LTD) attorney in Louisville can help! The following is a list of tips for dealing with your LTD carrier:

#1. Request your LTD policy.

Before you start the process of filing your claim, you should request a copy of your entire policy, including the summary plan description. You can ask your work’s HR department, the plan administrator or even the insurance company itself for this information. If you request the policy from your insurance company, send it as certified mail and request a return receipt. When you get a copy of your plan, look it over carefully, especially the eligibility requirements, like the minimum work hours required, elimination period length and any existing policy exclusions.

#2. Make your application as detailed as possible. 

LTD applications sometimes have questions that are designed to form a basis for denying your claim. That’s why it’s important to answer each question fully and truthfully. Don’t skimp on the details, if they don’t provide you with enough room to add the information you need to, don’t be afraid to attach a separate sheet.

Learn more tips for dealing with your LTD carrier when you stay tuned for our next blog.