With NFL training camps opening in just a matter ofdays, here’s a good story from last season. Three students, barely old enough to drink and celebrating the Patriots’ Super Bowl win in early February, spotted a thief trying to escape with a Picasso and Rembrandt from a Boston gallery. The youths watched the thief exit a smashed front window holding several art pieces. They shouted at the thief, who then dropped the artwork, about $50,000 in value, before he attempted to escape. The three students chased and caught the thief, then restrained him until police arrived.

Although it’s rarely a good idea, private citizens may arrest someone under certain circumstances. Not only is such an arrest extremely dangerous, but any failure to legally make a citizen’s arrest may have ramifications both civilly and criminally. Any wrongful arrest of another may subject someone to arrest for assault and battery, as well as civil liability for these same torts, in addition to the tort of false imprisonment.

Most, if not all, states prohibit a citizen from using excessive force, which means that the amount of force used must be proportional to the threat. Also, most states distinguish a citizen’s level of authority based on the severity of the crime.

K.R.S. § 503 lists the situations in which a person may use force and make an arrest. A private person may make an arrest when a felony has been committed in fact and he or she has probable cause to believe that the person being arrested has committed it.

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