As the Trump Administration moves into Washington, many changes on many different levels are likely to occur over the next four years. The new presidential administration promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act and implement a radical alternative. However, it seems quite possible that congressional Republicans will repeal the Affordable Care Act without replacing it with any comprehensive, affordable alternative.

Some believe the new health care plan set forth by the new president will signify drastic changes for the individual health insurance market that would not only raise premiums for older Americans, but raise deductibles for everyone, and make it more difficult for consumers to enroll in and receive health care coverage.

As it is, insurers offering ACA plans, as well as their members, are wary of an uncertain future with diminishing returns. It would seem the Trump Administration would contend that changes are needed to stabilize the health care marketplace. If these changes are, in fact, implemented, the likely result will be a reduction in enrollment and an increase the number of people with coverage, but that are also less healthy.

The reactions of those who support the proposals seem to show little concern for the impact of the changes on consumers. “If . . . maybe fewer people sign up for subsidized coverage, then so be it,” said the Heritage Foundation’s Ed Haislmaier  a member of Trump’s transition team on health insurance issues. “There is a new set of priorities here.” Will access to quality, affordable coverage be a priority? Only time will tell.

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