In the 21st century, Social Security is as important and vital to women as ever before in helping them achieve economic security. Today, more women are employed and pay Social Security taxes earning work credits toward retirement income than at any other time in U.S. history.

Women may spend their entire adulthood employed working outside the home, while some may only work for a few years, leave their job to raise children, and return to work at some later date. Others may forego work entirely and choose not to work outside the home. Regardless of the scenario, women must know and understand the benefits available to them and their families from Social Security.

Women often have more familial responsibilities than men and take care of spouses, children, and parents. Despite progress in the last fifty years, women still are more likely to earn less than men during their lifetimes. Because they often receive less from private retirement plans, they are more dependent on Social Security benefits, especially since they lived for a longer period of time than men, an average of five years longer in fact.

Women receive protection from Social Security from the taxes they pay on their wages and from their spouses’ earnings as well. Women who are unemployed or choose not to work are often covered through their spouses’ benefits and may receive them upon retirement, disability, or death.

Over time, Social Security has become increasingly more protective of women. The number of benefits for surviving and disabled spouses has increased. Social Security has further increased financial protection for divorced women by removing the six-year requirement for the time that a divorced wife is dependent on a spouse. Social Security has also decreased the number of years a couple must be married for the divorced spouse to qualify for benefits.

Women must also be aware of other components of the Social Security program that affect them. For example, if they employ a housekeeper or childcare provider, they must know about providing them Social Security coverage. Also, upon divorce, they must know the how to maintain benefits in light of any name changes.

Social Security is an important federal program, but it was never intended to cover all of our financial needs. Nonetheless, the program is important to women, especially since almost 60 percent of Americans receiving Social Security benefits are women. Careful planning is essential to receiving the most out of Social Security benefits. If you have any questions, an experienced disability attorney may provide assistance.

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