Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is important for many reasons as it provides essential financial support for disabled workers and their family members. Almost half of the program’s recipients rely on SSDI for the majority of their family’s income. Twenty percent receive almost all of their income from the program. However, benefits are modest and SSDI cannot entirely eliminate financial hardship. Just the same, Social Security Disability Insurance is vital to millions of Americans.

Today, a young worker just starting out in the work force has a one in three chance of dying or qualifying for SSDI before reaching full retirement age. This number is higher for men than women. Through their payroll tax contributions, more than 150 million Americans have insured themselves for SSDI in the circumstance that they suffer some severe, long-lasting medical impairment. Considering in the future that perhaps one in three may die or qualify for SSDI before reaching full retirement age, the SSDI program is more than important, it’s crucial.

Another fact making SSDI of the utmost importance in providing a social safety net to the disabled is that disability rates rise with age. Some would even say these rates rise dramatically since statistics show that individuals age 50 are twice as likely as those age 40 to collect benefits, and individuals age 60 are twice as likely as those age 50 to collect benefits. At any age, disability significantly harms people’s economic circumstances. The resulting decreases in a worker’s earnings, total family income, and purchases of essentials like food and housing are substantial. Many would face despair without the benefits of the SSDI program.

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