When it comes to disability applications, non-medical evidence is very important. 

Most people who apply for disability believe that their medical records are all the evidence they will need to prove their disability. While medical records are certainly very important, and there’s a possibility that they will be enough evidence to support your claim, chances are, you are going to need to provide more evidence. It seems like the SSA is denying more and more people, and if you want to avoid having your application declined, you need to make sure that you have all of the medical and non-medical evidence that you need.

Why is non-medical evidence valuable?

While medical records can give the SSA a good idea of your disability and limitations, they simply can’t tell the whole story. Non-medical evidence, such as work history or written statements from your supervisor and coworkers, can help to fill in the rest of the details. For example, if your work history shows that you’ve held consistent work with one or two employers, but after your disability, you’ve had trouble holding down a job, it can be an invaluable part of proving your disability.

Although medical evidence is absolutely necessary for proving your disability, don’t make the mistake of relying on medical evidence alone. In this day and age, it’s not always easy to get an approval from the SSA, but our disability attorney in Louisville will do whatever he can to help. Visit our site today to learn more, and please contact us to schedule your free consultation.