A disability attorney may provide assistance to all SSDI applicants. Whether you are 30, 40, 50, or 60, the assistance of an experienced disability attorney may help you navigate the often lengthy and complicated process of applying for disability benefits. Working with a disability attorney ensures that all evidence in support of an application for disability is gathered, organized, filed with the SSA, and presented when otherwise required. We take great pride in our staff’s skills in building and presenting a case for disability benefits.

Typically, pain may not be proven by objective testing or observation. Just the same, applicants that are not receiving medical treatment on an ongoing and continuous basis are likely to have their credibility questioned. An applicant’s credibility is almost crucial to establish disability based on chronic pain and, thus, he or she greatly jeopardizes approval for benefits when symptoms are, in fact, exaggerated.

In evaluating credibility the primary factor considered by the Social Security Administration is an applicant’s activities of daily living (ADLs). Applicants must provide details of activities such as cooking, cleaning, leaving the home to shop, and caring for children, often through the completion of an ADL questionnaire provided by the Social Security Administration.

Some questions that may be considered include the length of time necessary to do household chores, the ability to shop normally, and the simple ability to leave the house. The central inquiry is how and the extent to which chronic pain makes life difficult for an applicant.

Remember, if Social Security denies benefits based on insufficient symptoms, it must provide clear and convincing reasons to reject an application. Gathering information, organizing evidence, and ensuring that an application is accurate and complete prior to filing are just a few examples of the invaluable assistance that an experienced disability attorney may provide.

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