Thoughts from Mr. Sullivan on the corona virus:

“At this point, the virus has spread, and people want answers… Fear is not uncommon, in fact it is normal. Sadly, nobody is alive from the 1918 flu epidemic. The people we would ask have long since passed. So who can we ask who has lived through something like this? What to do?? Stores are picked clean.

If you are over 50-55 in age, or have chronic health issues, you are at risk, and need to take precautions. I read an article about a correlation between severe symptoms and underlying heart disease or hypertension.

Point is, if you are at risk, stay home as much as you can. Wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds, etc.

We know it’s a scary time and we’re here working. If you’re an existing client please know we’re here. If you think you need help getting Social Security Disability, reach out anytime to find out of we can help you: (502) 587-0228