In this video I’m going to tell you about the differences between a licensed lawyer and a non-attorney advocate and why these differences are important to your social security disability claim. Your social security benefits have just been denied.

You’re frustrated. You’ve worked and paid into the system throughout your life, and now you and your family need to get something back. I know it’s hard when you can’t work ­especially when others depend on you.

Now you’re beginning to realize you need help getting through the system, and you have a choice to make; who to hire to take on your case.

There are people out there called non-attorney advocates who may be able to help. These are not licensed attorneys, and therefore they can’t do the same exact job as a lawyer. For example, non-attorney advocates are not bound by professional Bar conduct rules and they also can’t appeal your case at the federal district court level.

And here’s something you may not know ­a non-attorney advocate charges the same fees as a licensed attorney, even an attorney like myself who limits his practice to disability related claims.

An attorney has a college degree, went to law school, is specially trained, and passed a state licensing exam. An advocate has no such license. Over my 25 years of practice, I have taken over many cases from national advocate firms. As a client, you probably want to be able to visit a real office, and see your attorney.

So when hiring an attorney, as opposed to some national advocacy firm, there is a whole lot to be said for the personal relationship that develops between an attorney and client.

Here’s a story:
A client came to me with a private insurance disability claim. These are common cases. What happens in the SSA disability case can and will affect a private disability insurance claim. So the client asked me to handle both cases, comforted that a single attorney could handle both cases, and, that she could actually come visit me at my office. She discharged the national advocate firm.

Whether you’re filing or appealing your claim, having a licensed Attorney by your side to help you navigate this extremely confusing system, can take the pressure off of you, and could affect the outcome of your claim dramatically. ;

Thank you for reaching out. We know that getting social security can be complex and difficult. Hopefully this email will answer some questions for you.

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