Not only does Social Security disability provide you with financial benefits, but there are medical benefits as well. In fact, a decent percentage of claimants apply because of the medical benefits. However, not everyone who applies gets approved, and you have to meet several requirements in order to be approved for benefits. That is why our Social Security attorney in Louisville has come up with the following guide to help you decide if you should apply or not:

You should apply for Social Security disability if:

  • You have a severe mental or physical condition.
  • You don’t expect to recover from your medical condition within the next year.
  • Your medical condition is so severe that it prevents you from holding a job.

If all of the above requirements apply to you, you should apply for Social Security disability. Keep in mind that, even though you fit the basic requirements, there are still many things that could prevent you from getting your benefits. That is why it is always a good idea to have a Social Security lawyer on your side.

You should not apply for Social Security disability if:

  • Your doctor doesn’t believe that you have a severe condition.
  • You expect to heal from your condition in less than a year.
  • You are able to work enough to earn at least $1,090 a month.
  • You aren’t eligible because you haven’t worked enough.

The application process for Social Security disability is long and challenging, so if you don’t meet the requirements, save yourself the time and energy by looking into other options.