A study of consumers in the last decade found that satisfied customers aren’t necessarily loyal customers. The study conducted by a global technology company that analyzes business practices for corporations revealed a considerably weak correlation between customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. These findings contradicted the traditional approach and expectation that delivering an extraordinary customer experience increases customer loyalty.

In a study of more than 75,000 consumers, the company, CEB Inc., found that once a company’s threshold of meeting expectations had been reached, there was very little future, long-term loyalty to a company. The bottom line is there was a significantly minute increase in loyalty because of a company exceeding expectations in providing a particular good or service.

The question raised by this research is if a business can’t increase loyalty by exceeding a customer’s expectations and over-delivering, what can? The study found that it isn’t an exceptional customer experience that produces loyalty and return business, but an effortless customer experience.

Are consumers basically lazy?  This is unlikely.  As examples of an effortless or smooth experience, there are a handful of modern companies that have disrupted standard business models and consistently delivered this ideal effortless customer experience.

Uber has utilized an easy-to-use application to become the public’s preferred chauffeur, but more importantly, has done so by transforming a historically, cumbersome user experience into an efficient, seemingly effortless one.

Amazon.com has revolutionized retailing by perfecting ‘instant gratification.” One-click shopping and delivery are the results of an optimized purchasing process made to be as effortless as possible.

The CEB study also has found that more than 50 percent of respondents ages 21 to 50 prefer web-based transactions to telephone-based transactions, thus representing a paradigm shift from traditional platforms to, you guessed it, internet- and computer-based platforms. It’s certainly less difficult, if not painful, to sign up for cable TV service online than on the telephone.  You are also less likely to succumb to upselling by avoiding the human interaction.

Thus, success in the modern business world moving forward into this century may be tied to emulation of business models such as those used by Uber and Amazon which focus on the consistent delivery of an effortless customer experience.  Consider the delivery professional services. Medicine has moved into a VIP service model.  You can file tax returns online and get electronic refunds.  You can order your own labs online and simply take that order to any Lab Corp office for the services, and get an email of the results.

So, what does this foretell for legal services?  I personally attempted something on Legal Zoom and have had a bad experience. The order was effortless, but several weeks in, they have yet to do much beyond send me emails of problems and ask me to call endlessly, which was not what I had envisioned.  At the core, people will still need a competent lawyer.  That cannot change.

The final product for a lawyer is the delivery of personalized legal services.  I personally think that in terms of securing new business, the intake process is where the concept of “effortless” has merit.  Firms that have mastered and streamlined an intake process, making it easy for the potential client to make the first contact will have a large intake funnel.  Such firms will master the use of the internet, as classic forms of advertising are waning as more and more people prefer to use an Ipad, laptop or phone to initiate their business activity.   Remember, getting a client in the door is one thing, meeting their legal needs of the other half of this equation.

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