The current plan of President Trump and congressional Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would have far-reaching effects on Kentucky families. Republicans in Congress have made both tax cuts and spending cuts to eliminate many of the ACA’s provisions through budget reconciliation.

The Affordable Care Act enabled 486,000 Kentuckians to have health care while boosting the state economy. Any repeal would undo all of these positive effects as the number of people without insurance would increase by 200%. Since Kentucky was so successful in signing people up for coverage, it would have the third-largest increase in the rate of a state’s uninsured with the repeal of the ACA.

Here is a summary of the findings of two U.S. House Committees:

*367,000 individuals in the state who have gained coverage since the ACA was implemented could lose their coverage if the ACA is entirely or partially repealed.

  • 74,640 individuals in Kentucky who purchased high-quality Marketplace coverage now stand to lose their coverage.
  • 56,488 individuals in Kentucky who received financial assistance to purchase Marketplace coverage in 2016, averaging $258 per individual, are at risk of having coverage become unaffordable if the premium tax credits are eliminated by any ACA repeal.
  • 439,000 individuals in the state who enrolled in Medicaid under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion would lose coverage if the Medicaid expansion is eliminated.

*32,186 individuals in Kentucky who received cost-sharing reductions to lower out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance could have healthcare become unaffordable if cost-sharing reductions are eliminated.

*1,884,719 individuals in the state who now have private health insurance that covers preventive services without any co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles would lose this access if Congress eliminates ACA provisions requiring health insurers to cover important preventive services without cost-sharing.

*Almost 881,000 individuals in Kentucky who have pre-existing health conditions are at risk of having their coverage rescinded, being denied coverage, or being charged significantly more for coverage if the ACA’s ban on pre-existing conditions is eliminated.

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