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Long Term Disability Lawyers – are you trying to find out if you need one? Read on…

Long Term Disability Lawyers: Understanding What You’re Up Against

When your employer has been paying into a system that is designed to keep you safe, and you discover that you’re so easily denied, you’re probably beginning to feel betrayed by the system. Or even worse, you may have been on the phone, or writing letters trying to get an claims administrator at the insurance company to try and see what you’re going through. While they may be nice enough on the phone, they are not actually there to approve your benefits. Here’s why:

There was a law passed called “Employee Retirement Income Security Act” also known as ERISA. You’d think that was something in favor of the employee and keeping their retirement income secure right? Well actually that’s not what it ends up doing at all. Instead, with ERISA in place, disability applications are evaluated by claims administrators usually working for your insurance company. This is a conflict of interest. Often the claims administrators will deny even the most deserving applicants even where the evidence of disability is obvious. Lawyers who focus their practice around Long Term Disability will know how best to present the evidence in your favor.

Claims administrators deny disability applications for an endless number of reasons, both legitimate and illegitimate. – Nolo

In a nutshell, you are up against an insurance company. Sometimes justice is served, but it’s best to say that insurance companies have literally got all the resources and an army of lawyers at their fingertips to ensure you do not get what you deserve.

Long Term Disability Lawyers: How Can They Help You?

Lawyers who focus their practice on working through the disability system have specialized knowledge about how to get your case the best possible results. While the law certainly is complex and sometimes it feels like it’s all stacked against you, having an attorney who has his or her interests aligned with yours can be one of the best and most important decision of your life.

An attorney who understands this complex system will meet crucial deadlines in your case, they will know what evidence is necessary and how to present it properly. Your attorney will help retrieve and put together your medical records along with any other relevant documentation to stack the administrative record with evidence that works in your favor. They will know through experience what that evidence is and how to present it properly.

Long Term Disability Lawyers: When is the Right Time To Get One Involved?

Long Term Disability Lawyers

Early is always better. Experienced Long Term Disability Lawyers will always have a better chance with your case when they get in as early as possible to begin helping you navigate through this complex system

How Much do Long Term Disability Lawyers Charge?

Most long term disability lawyers will not charge for their fees or costs until the case is won. This means that they truly are your advocate because they do not normally get paid until the case has a favorable outcome. Your long term disability lawyer should have the financial resources to take your case to Federal Court if needed.