Part of the job of an attorney is to answer any and all questions in a warm, patient, candid manner, void of all condescension. At the Sullivan Law Office, we treat all questions equally. If some are easier than others, then it means that we can dispense with them in a quicker fashion and move forward. Many clients ask us at the Sullivan Law Office if some windfall of income is going to affect their receipt of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Maybe like most of us, they’re just hoping to win the lottery. Usually, the question surrounds the circumstance of an impending inheritance, often cash.

This question may best be answered by an examination of the type of criteria upon which benefits are based. If benefits are based upon work history, like Social Security Disability benefits (SSD), then monthly benefits will not be affected by an inheritance and will continue over the life of the disability, even if you win the lottery.

However, because Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program, then benefits will most likely be affected by an inheritance. Needs-based programs like SSI contain financial requirements as to income, assets, and resources within their criteria for disability. Thus, depending upon the amount inherited, recipients of SSI may be disqualified and lose benefits as a result of these newly-acquired assets.

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