If you or someone you know has experienced some degree of hearing loss, you may have a disability that meets the criteria established by the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Listing of Impairments (the “Listings”). The Listing of Impairments lists impairments considered severe enough to prevent an individual from working or performing substantial gainful activity (SGA), measured in a dollar amount.

In evaluating hearing loss, Social Security typically requires both an otologic examination and audiometric testing to establish a medically determinable impairment that causes hearing loss. An otoscopic examination provides a description of the appearance of the external ear canals and an evaluation of the tympanic membranes. An audiometry exam tests a subject’s ability to hear sounds.

Audiometric testing should be conducted within two months of the otologic examination, which must be performed by a licensed physician or audiologist. A licensed audiologist or an otolaryngologist must perform or directly supervise audiometric testing.

The report of any audiometric testing must include medical history, the claimant’s description of the effects of the hearing loss, and the physician’s or audiologist’s description of the appearance of the external ears, evaluation of the tympanic membranes, and assessment of any middle ear abnormalities.

Once there is evidence that a claimant has a medically determinable impairment, the SSA may use the results of audiometric testing to assess the severity of hearing loss without an additional otologic examination.

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