Working with a disability attorney ensures that all evidence in support of an application for disability is gathered, organized, filed with the SSA, and presented when otherwise required. We take great pride in our staff’s skills in building and presenting a case for disability benefits.

A disability claim for hypertension must include the following medical evidence:

  • The recorded results of any and all blood pressure tests administered by anyone;
  • The recorded results of any other related tests;
  • A listing of all treatments, lifestyle remedies, and medications, with the results of all;
  • any doctor’s notes of any symptoms of hypertension; and
  • medical records of any other condition that affects the ability to work.

Applicants must prove the existence of a severe “medically determinable” physical or mental impairment to qualify for disability benefits, which is typically proven through medical evidence that may include objective symptoms but requires more objective medical evidence. Thus, an impairment may not be established based solely on the existence of symptoms is insufficient to establish a disability.

Because there are improvements in the treatment for high blood pressure, Social Security is less likely to approve eligibility for disability benefits based solely on high blood pressure. It is extremely important that applicants provide evidence showing how high blood pressure negatively affects the ability to work.

High blood pressure may cause damage to the heart, brain, kidneys, or even eyes. Any organ damage may allow an applicant to qualify for disability benefits based on this damage and the limitations that result from it. Applicants with secondary hypertension may be able to qualify for disability based on the medical condition that caused the high blood pressure.

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