Work history is more important than you might think for your SSD benefits. 

The SSA looks at two main things when determining if someone should be approved for SSD benefits, medical history and work history. In our latest blog, our Social Security attorney in Louisville talked about why work history is so very important, so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, now is the time! Today, we will be talking about what kind of information you should provide about your work history.

What kind of work history information is best to give the SSA?

A great way to improve your chance for being approved for SSD benefits is to provide them with a solid work history. A great time to do this is during your initial interview. Rather than just naming job titles, you should make sure that you give detals about the specific duties you performed. You should also make it a point to provide them with accurate contact information for all of yor past supervisers. This allows the disability examiner to contact them to discuss the work skills you may have acquired while in their employ, as well as the demands of the position that you provided on your work history. If you don’t provide enough details about your work history, the examiner has to guess at the skills and tasks associated with your previous jobs, which could lead them to deny your benefits because they believe that you possess the skills to do a related job.

Providing detailed work information is absolutely essential during the SSD application process. Do you have questions or concerns? If so, contact us today!