What do you do when you can’t work, but your Social Security disability hasn’t been approved yet?

When you are disabled, you can’t work, and since the Social Security disability application process is a long one, you need to figure out how to stay afloat financially in the meantime. If this scenario describes you, know that you are not alone. There are many Americans in the same boat, and luckily, there are certain things that you can do.

What can you do?

  • Contact the Department of Social Services – If you are in financial distress, your first step should be to contact your local Department of Social Services. Available help varies from county to county, and the only way to know what kind of help is available is to call. An adult services social worker will be able to go over all of the assistance programs available for you.
  • Unemployment – Have you been recently laid off or fired from your job? You could collect unemployment, however, this could prevent you from getting your disability benefits. In Kentucky, you have to be available and able to work in order to collect unemployment. Talk to your Social Security attorney before you file for unemployment.
  • Interim Disability Assistance (IDA) – The IDA program is designed to provide financial assistance to people with disabilities that have a high chance for being approved for Social Security.
  • Other options – If you have built up equity in your home, you could take out an equity line of credit or refinance your mortgage. While taking out debt can be risky, if you have no other options, taking out a personal loan may be your best choice.