Don’t let what you post on social media keep you from getting the benefits you deserve!

If you have been keeping up on our latest blog posts, then you already know that what you post on social media can and will affect the way that your case evaluator sees you. When you are in the process for applying for disability, you have to be extra careful when you use social media. That is why, in our last blog, our long-term disability attorney in Louisville gave you a couple of helpful tips for using social media safely. Keep reading to learn about more things you can do to stay safe:

#3. Be careful about pictures!

What you post in your status updates isn’t the only thing that could negatively affect your disability claim. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that has never been more true than with social media. Not only should you avoid posting certain pictures on social media yourself, you should also change your settings so that you cannot be tagged in other people’s photos.

#4. Don’t trust people you don’t know!

There are many reasons why a stranger could be trying to connect with you on social media, and while some of those reasons may be innocent, you should never inadvertently trust someone you don’t know. If a stranger is trying to become friends with you, do some research and figure out who they are before accepting their request.

There are many things that could prevent you from getting your LTD benefits, but social media shouldn’t be one of them. Get the support that you need throughout the entire application process by contacting Sullivan Law Office today.