Not all workers’ compensation cases are treated the exact same way.

There are many things that could alter the outcome of your workers’ compensation case in Louisville, but one of the biggest is a safety violation. If you or your employer knowingly violate the safety standards in your workplace, it can have a huge impact on your workers’ compensation benefits. Today, we will be focusing specifically on the impacts of a safety violation by your employer.

How can a safety violation by your employer affect your benefits?

If you can prove that your employer violated safety standards intentionally, you could see an increase in your benefits by up to 30%! That is because these kinds of safety violations can result in an employee unable to perform their job, an injury that could end a career or a workplace fatality. Although your employer’s intentional safety violation may be apparent to you, the tricky part about the law is that you have to prove it was actually intentional, and that is easier said than done.

Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is your best bet for getting the benefits you deserve. 

Proving an intentional safety violation can be incredibly difficult, and hiring an attorney gives you your best chance for success. In order to prove that the violation was indeed intentional, your attorney will have to consider many things, including industry standards, if the-the hazard could be been reduced or eliminated and if the hazard was likely to cause serious harm or death.

Although we can’t guarantee that you will be successful, we can provide you with experience and knowledge to back up your case. Contact us today about your workers’ compensation case, and stay tuned for our next blog to learn how safety violations by the employee can affect benefits.