I’m a lawyer, and In this video I’m going to tell you specific ways of improving your odds of getting your benefits, and how being completely accurate about what your job was can help.

You may be a little nervous about whether or not the SSA is going to approve your benefits. You may have already read that only about 3 out of 10 applicants are approved the first time around, and you’re hoping things go smoothly for you. But there’s always Murphy’s law, right?

I’m Mike Sullivan, an attorney who limits his practice to disability claims. Let’s talk. When you apply for disability benefits, you can help your odds by providing plain facts. A disability claim is NOT a job application. This is not the time to show off, or use filler. In fact, personally, I hate it when I find resumes in a claims folder… You need to be brutally honest about what you did and how you did it. We have a saying here: “a job skill can kill”

What we mean is that job skills can prevent the application of laws that help win your case. So were you really a “manager”, or a lead worker. Did you really hire or fire, or just report employee problems to someone else. Did you really order inventory, or was it really the very same order every week for a year… The point is to be accurate and honest, and do not inflate your job duties.

When it comes to the physical demands of your job, be sure to state what you lifted and how often. Do not say I lifted “quite a bit” That tells me nothing. Do not say things like “I was on my feet for a while”­ it is more meaningful to say “, I was on my feet about 60% of the overall work day, and probably 30­45 minutes at any one time. My lifting was approximately 25­30 lbs, but occasionally, and I lifted up to 10 lbs. on a frequent basis.“

Characterizing what the SSA calls the exertion and skill demands of your past work… ­ this can be vital. In other words, get the description right the first time, and be specific.

You can lose credibility if the job description suddenly and dramatically changes at a hearing. If you got special treatment at work, be sure to let the SSA know this fact. An accommodated work environment is not always synonymous with a competitive work place.

I have had clients who worked for relatives and got extra breaks, or could take a walk if they got to stressed, or even actually go lay down on a cot when needed. I know the system can get confusing at times, and it would be honor to stand at your side and fight for the benefits that you deserve.

Whether you’re filing or appealing your claim, having a licensed Attorney by your side you help you navigate this extremely confusing system, can take the pressure off of you, and could affect the outcome of your claim dramatically.

Thank you for reaching out. We know that getting social security can be complex and difficult. Hopefully this email will answer some questions for you.

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