At the Sullivan Law Office, we interview many prospective disability clients on a weekly basis. They present their reasons for believing they are entitled to disability benefits while our lawyers additionally examine any relevant facts or circumstances that may provide grounds for the denial of benefits.

The reasons for the denial of eligibility for benefits may often be within the control of the applicant. The meaning of this, of course, is that such circumstances may, therefore, be carefully and legitimately avoided to prevent denial. This is one of the primary reasons why the representation of an experienced disability attorney is crucial to the process of application for disability benefits.

To qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits, Social Security must find that any impairment is severe enough to last at least 12 months or result in death. A medical condition must cause severe limitations as well. There is an exception to the duration requirement for blind SSI applicants. Many SSDI and SSI claims, despite having severe underlying injuries, are still denied because they are unlikely to cause disability for 12 months.

Thus, the presentation of medical evidence to support the existence of an impairment is an important and vital part of the disability application process. The Sullivan Law Office provides assistance in ensuring that all applicants for disability benefits present all medical evidence from all sources in every disability case. We will assist in the collection and organization of medical evidence from all acceptable medical sources to establish the existence, duration, and severity of a disability.

Take advantage of the legal services offered by the Sullivan Law Office to assist in sorting through the extensive requirements that determine eligibility for disability benefits. The Sullivan Law Office provides assistance in ensuring that all applicants and recipients receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled in all types of disability cases.  Contact the Sullivan Law Office to get the help you need in the Louisville metro area. Call 888-587-0228 or visit us online.Don't Be Denied Benefits!