Your Social Security Disability claim has just been denied and you may be feeling confused, alone and frustrated. Even worse, your family needs you to get help. These feelings are normal and you’re not alone.

I’m Michel Sullivan, an Attorney who helps people get their Disability Benefts. Did you know that statistically, 67% of all SSI and SSDI claims are denied after the first application? And on top of that, you don’t have much time to appeal this decision.

There are deadlines associated with each level of your case. The typical time frame to appeal is 60 days. There is also a 5 day grace period for mailing.

Getting approved can be complicated because sometimes your case is NOT just about your medical proof. Sometimes the technical aspects of a case can control the outcome. This can get very complex very quickly.

So it is critical that somebody remains aware of YOUR deadlines. Right after your claim is denied, it’s helpful to have someone by your side who knows how the Social Security Disability system works, the sequential analysis used by the SSA, and somebody who can start the appeals process right away.

Remember, Time Runs against you here Whether you’re filing or appealing your claim, having a licensed lawyer by your side you help you navigate this extremely confusing system, can take the pressure off of you, and could affect the outcome of your claim dramatically.
Thank you for reaching out. We know that getting social security can be complex and difficult. Hopefully this email will answer some questions for you.

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