A disability attorney may provide assistance to all SSDI applicants. Whether you are 30, 40, 50, or 60, the assistance of an experienced disability attorney may help you navigate the often lengthy and complicated process of applying for disability benefits. SSDI applicants must have a sufficient number of work credits and must have worked a sufficient number of years to be eligible for benefits.

Upon retirement, Social Security examines a worker’s earnings over his or her lifetime to establish the amount of retirement benefits. It is the hope of every worker that he or she will work the necessary time to attain “fully insured” status. Social Security work credits are based on total yearly wages or self-employment income.

For the last ten years, the following is the amount of earnings necessary to earn one credit for the year and the amount of earnings necessary to earn the maximum number of four credits:

  • 2017                    $1,300                $5,200 for the year
  • 2016                    $1,260                $5,040 for the year
  • 2015                    $1,220                 $4,880 for the year
  • 2014                    $1,200                 $4,800 for the year
  • 2013                    $1,160                 $4,640 for the year
  • 2012                    $1,130                 $4,520 for the year
  • 2011                    $1,120                 $4,480 for the year
  • 2010                    $1,120                 $4,480 for the year
  • 2009                    $1,090                 $4,360 for the year
  • 2008                    $1,050                 $4,200 for the year
  • 2007                    $1,000                 $4,000 for the year


Examples of work needed for the duration of work test:

If you become disabled… Then, you generally need:
Before Age 28 1.5 years of work
Age 30 2 yrs.
Age 34 3 yrs.
Age 38 4 yrs.
Age 42 5 yrs.
Age 44 5.5 yrs.
Age 46 6 yrs.
Age 48 6.5 yrs.
Age 50 7 yrs.
Age 52 7.5 yrs.
Age 54 8 yrs.
Age 56 8.5 yrs.
Age 58 9 yrs.
Age 60 9.5 yrs.

A qualified disability attorney may help applicants make all of the necessary and required calculations regarding work credits to help establish eligibility for disability benefits. Gathering information, organizing evidence, and ensuring that an application is accurate and complete prior to filing are just a few examples of the invaluable assistance that an experienced disability attorney may provide.

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