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A 29-year-old Texas policeman, Coleman Martin, was recently arrested by authorities after they discovered his fake suicide plot. Martin caused his wife to believe that he would kill himself by drowning. On April 25, his wife notified police, who found a suicide note in his car parked adjacent to a lake.

Authorities wasted massive amounts of time and resources searching for Martin, who had fled the country by taxi to the Texas-Mexico border. After the search ended, authorities discovered that an individual with a Mexico IP address had logged into Martin’s email account. Also, authorities discovered that Martin had sent an email explaining the fake suicide to another woman with whom he was having a relationship.

It just goes to show you that once you’re dead, if you really want to sell it, you should stop doing things such as tweeting, posting on Facebook, and sending emails. It is possible that a fake death may actually ultimately achieve a permanent deceased status for the person.

A few weeks after fleeing the country, Martin, flying through Texas from Colombia, was detained and arrested at the airport on misdemeanor false alarm charges. Martin reportedly committed no other associated crimes during his “suicide” and although still employed by his police department, has been placed on leave.

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Cop Fakes Suicide, Checks Email, Gets Busted