There are so many myths and misconceptions about Social Security disability. 

When it comes to Social Security disability, there is a long list of myths and misconceptions that you should stop believing. The application process for SSD benefits is a long, arduous one, and the more you know about it, the easier the process will be for you. Check out our last blog to learn about the myths and misconceptions that our disability attorney in Louisville has already gone over. Keep reading to learn more:

Myth #4. Some conditions or diseases give you an automatic approval for benefits. 

This myth has some basis in truth because there are certain conditions that only require the claimant to be diagnosed for automatic approval of benefits, however, there are still legal and financial requirements that need to be met. These conditions can be found on the Compassionate Allowances List.

Myth #5. You’ll get a decision from the SSA in three to six months. 

Unfortunately, there is no set amount of time for the SSD application process. In some cases, it has taken as little as a month, and in other cases, it has taken as long as two years for a decision to be made. In general, the more serious your condition is, the faster you’ll be approved for benefits.

Myth #6. You’ll automatically get denied if you work and earn income during the application process. 

While it’s true that working full time will guarantee that your benefits will get denied, if you work part-time and you don’t earn very much money, you may still get approved. If you are not blind, you cannot make more than $1,130 per month in order to have your benefits approved.