SSD benefits are denied for a variety of reasons, and when you have a good understanding of what those reasons are, you will have a better understanding of what results to expect. In our last blog, our Social Security attorney in Louisville talked about a couple of common reasons for denied SSD applications. We have just a few more reasons for denied SSD benefits to go over with you:

#5. You don’t have enough medical evidence.

You have to prove that you are disabled in order to qualify for benefits, and to do that, you have to have medical evidence. The more medical evidence you have from your doctor, the stronger your application will be.

#6. You haven’t complied with prescribed treatment.

If you fail to follow through with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor, the SSA will see it as you being unwilling to help your condition or yourself, which will likely result in a denied application.

#7. Your disability was a result of alcohol or drug abuse.

You will be denied SSD benefits if, A.) your addition to alcohol or drugs is preventing you from working or B.) your medical condition would be improved if you stopped using alcohol or drugs.

#8. You’ve been recently convicted of a crime.

Your SSD benefits will be denied if your disability was a result from an injury you received in prison, if you were disabled while in the process of committing a felony or if you are currently in prison.

Now that you know about why your application for SSD could be denied, you need to learn about what to do if it is denied. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more.