Making a simple mistake on your ERISA application is all it takes to lose the long-term disability benefits you need!

Unfortunately, many people make avoidable mistakes on their ERISA applications, and that is why, in our last blog, our disability attorney talked about a couple of those mistakes. Keep reading to learn about more common ERISA disability application mistakes that you should avoid:

#3. Relying on the guidance of your HR department alone. 

Your HR department probably means well when they try to give you advice on your long-term disability benefits, but they simply aren’t trained to understand all of the ins and outs of ERISA policies, nor do they have any influence over your insurers. When it comes to obtaining your long-term disability benefits, it is completely up to you to take action, and if you need guidance, turn to a lawyer!

#4. Participating in activities that are discouraged by your doctor.

During the ERISA application process, know that the insurance company will be watching you closely. If you participate in activities that your doctor has discouraged, the insurance company is likely to think that you are trying to cheat them. Keep in mind that, if you get an activity log to compete from your insurance company, you are more than likely being watched. That is why you should ALWAYS follow your doctor’s instructions and recommendations very carefully.

#5. Relying on a lawyer who isn’t trained or experienced in ERISA. 

ERISA, as well as all of the rules and regulations that govern the application process for disability, can get complicated. In order to get the long-term disability benefits that you deserve, you need to make sure that you hire a disability attorney who has a lot of experience and knowledge.

Don’t attempt to complete your ERISA disability application on your own. Contact Sullivan Law Office to get the support you need.