Whether you are applying for Social Security disability benefits for the first time or you are in the process of appealing your claim, it is very important to regularly check the status of your claim.

No matter what stage of the Social Security disability application process you are in, it’s important that you are always aware of the status of your claim. In our last post, we went over checking the status of your claim before your appeal hearing. Keep reading to learn how to check your claim’s status throughout the Appeals Council Review and the Federal Court Appeal.

Appeals Council Review

The majority of claims stop after the appeal hearing, but if you still don’t get approved for benefits after your hearing, you could choose to request an Appeals Council Review. It is strongly recommended that you get professional representation during this phase because it gives you your best chance at getting approved for benefits. You can check the status of your claim during this stage by either contacting your attorney or looking into it yourself.

Federal Court Appeal

If you still do not get your benefits after the Appeals Council Review, your last option is to file a civil lawsuit against the Social Security Administration in federal court. You absolutely need an experienced Social Security disability attorney on your side in order to do this, and your attorney should keep you updated throughout the entirety of your lawsuit.

If you have any questions or concerns about checking the status of your claim or anything else relating to Social Security disability, we can help. Contact us today!