The assistance of an experienced disability attorney can help all applicants navigate the often lengthy and complicated process of applying for disability benefits. Here is a study of a typical disability case:

Selina, a mother and wife, is 50 and has received disability insurance benefits since 2001. Selina still experiences a multitude of medical issues more than ten years after her award. She suffers chronic headaches caused by a neurological condition that are sometimes so severe that she must be hospitalized. However, Selina is determined to re-enter the workforce.

Selina tested her ability to return to in 2011, and was hired for a temporary, part-time job with the census bureau. She performed well enough that she was asked to continue for a few more months. This experience proved to Selina that she could return to work.  The SSA has Regulations that encourage a person to attempt to return to work without obvious jeopardy to their benefits.  In many cases, a 9 month trial work period is very easy to secure.  ALWAYS TIMELY REPORT YOUR WORK ACTIVITY TO THE SSA, AND DO SO IN WRITING WITH PROOF THEY RECEIVED YOUR CORRESPONDENCE.   Again, SSA Regulations exist to encourage this, and everyone wants to see you succeed in getting back to work.  Just cover yourself well as you begin this process.

Back to Selena: Selina has a bachelor’s degree in political science and wished to utilize this degree in her employment. Since she lived in the District of Columbia metropolitan area, it was logical to aspire to some federal job. She was referred to resume workshops, including a seminar specializing in assisting people wishing to apply for federal jobs. Selina formulated a plan and established goals.

In 2012, Selina was hired by a federal agency on a part-time basis. After doing this for over a year, she became a full-time worker. She utilizes any opportunity to improve her skills, and thus her marketability. Selina doesn’t necessarily like this job, but does like working full-time. While her job is labor intensive, Selina doesn’t believe she is achieving her full potential. She’s worked in a law library and would ultimately like to pursue further work in this field.  She is a success story.  We can learn a lot from Selena and her motivation and drive to achieve.  She persevered and achieved.  This serves to show that many disabled actually WANT to work.  Congress and the SSA should work together to make the process of rehabilitation even more effective.

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