Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If you have, then you know that, although it’s possible to get long-term disability benefits when you have cancer, not all claims are approved. Whether or not you get your benefits depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your illness and your specific policy. Previously, we talked about your chances of getting benefits based on the stages of cancer. The stage of cancer you have is just one consideration, the other thing you should consider is the side effects of the treatment you are on.

Disability benefits based on the side effects of your treatment.

Treatment options can vary wildly, depending on the location of the cancer and if it has started to spread or not. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and laser treatment are just a few of the many treatment options for cancer, and each one comes with its own side effects. In most cases, the side effects are short-term, therefore, your chances of getting long-term disability aren’t great. However, if you have the coverage,  you may be able to get short-term disability for your side effects. On the other hand, some treatments can come with residual effects that can last a long time, which are called late effects. If you have late effects from  your treatment, you have a much better chance of getting approved for your long-term disability benefits.

If you have cancer and you are seeking long-term disability benefits, please contact our long-term disability attorney today. Although we can’t guarantee your benefits, we can help you plan the best course of action for getting your benefits.